Handmade Masks

I started experimenting to make my own masks in 2020 during Australia’s first Covid_19 lockdown and found I really enjoyed it. I’ve always had the close affinity to sewing through my mother and her many years sewing all those random sweatshop jobs for the big brands of Australia.

Being made to help, carry out chores because mum was busy sewing and cook for the siblings was just a few of the skills I adopted as I grew up.

Finding my own love for making and the creativity of sewing in my twenties came bitter sweet. The poor childhood memories, missing the years of affection and attention from mum because of it and yet, the satisfaction it brings to be able to make something with your own two hands.

I’ve made over 1200 masks now and quite successfully made it a prosperous hobby. Unfortunately, i know this only exists because of Covid still hanging about in our communities. I get it. This is kind of wrong. But I see it more as helpful and the modern, fun, cute and iconic fabric prints help lighten up these devastating times for us all.

I believe so… I hope you do too.

I don’t sell the masks through this website.

Contact me (via email) if you are looking for something made to order or want to give me feedback. I will post more fabric prints as I have them.

I’m currently situated in Bombala, NSW.

Hope you enjoy your masks.


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